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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Heart of the Dragon

Heart of the Dragon
omething a bit different from the team of Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung, Heart of Dragon has action scenes and comedy, but also tells the dramatic tale of two brothers who are torn between duty and dreams. Tat Fung (Chan) has recently left a S.W.A.T.-type agency for the local police force to take care of his mentally disabled older brother Do-do (Hung). Tat has put away his dreams of marriage and traveling the world as a sailor to watch after Do-do. While playing cops and robbers with his kid friends, Do-do gets mixed up in a jewelry heist and is kidnapped by the bad guys. Tat momentarily puts aside his official law-enforcer status and takes matters into his own hands, which results in serious repercussions. The fight sequences in Heart of Dragon are closer to such American films as Die Hard; Tat and his S.W.A.T.-team buddies take on the bad guys in an unfinished building with zero comedy and lots of bloodshed. At a crucial impasse in the story Tat lashes out at Do-do, and this poignant scene perfectly illustrates the frustrations of a man who loves and hates his brother at the same time. It’s a switch from the usual fare, and Heart of Dragon offers ample proof that Chan and Hung can handle dramatic material.