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Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Eclipse (2010)

The Eclipse (2010) DVDRip XVID

There Is Simply Nothing Like This! This movie manages to be a really great love story and an absolutely terrifying ghost story all at once. This chilling and thoughtful thriller exemplifies what movie makers who’ve earned their chops on the stage can bring to the big screen. The characters are three-dimensional; sharp, efficient dialog defines the relationships and moves the plot forward; life in a recently bereaved family, a small Irish town, and a literary festival is acutely observed.

A woodwork teacher who has recently been widowed. He is bringing up his two kids and trying to get on with his life, but he is experiencing strange paranormal events. He meets a writer of horror novels called Lena Morelle and he shares his experiences with her as their relationship develops, but she has to contend with another writer (a brilliant Aidan Quinn). The movie plays out against the backdrop of a beautifully shot Irish coastal town. The cinematography is just top-notch. The score is really haunting choral music. I was reminded of movies like The Exorcist or The Shining when I saw this — the drama is real — the horror is real.