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Sunday, April 20, 2014

How to Get Free Gift Card, Xbox Live Gold, Apps & more using your smart phone


1. Go to and register. Add the app to your home screen or install (app nana sync or appjoy from appstore).
2. Download any of the sponsorship application to make Nanas.
3. Once you reach 15 000 NANAs enter the code ( s1833650 ) in the “get nanas” tab to earn an extra 2500 nanas.
4. Continue to login to appnana, download apps, watch videos and invite friends to earn rewards such as xbox live cards, psn cards, itunes gift cards and more!.
Best of luck!

Free My Apps!
1. Go to  using Safari on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Mini or iPad. For Android, just click on the link and you will be directly linked to donwload the app.
2. Press "Get Started!' and then tap "okay" as it pops up on the screen
3. Install the Profile by pressing "Install", this will allow FreeMyApps to recognize that it's your device, nothing else. Press "Install Now".
4. Download Key (0 credit app) and play it to unlock they (key unlock when it turns to green)
5. Start downloading any of the apps under the "Sponsors" tab to earn credits and run the app for more than 30 second to earn credit.
6. Invite friends and family to FreeMyApps to gain extra credits under the "Share" tab.
7. After you have enough credits, visit the "Gifts" tab to choose a prize.
It's that simple.

Note: you should use this both methods together. When you click download sponsor app from freemyapp when it at download screen, press home button and go to appnanas fine the same app and click it, then download it and play. You can get credit both freemyapp and appnana from the same app.
Improtant: you can use VPN (download free VPN from app store Tunnel bear, VPN one click) to show more sponsors to download.