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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Valley of the Wolves Iraq DVDRip AC3

The most controversial movie of the year! This movie is the addendum to how our world has gone out of control. Most newspapers said the film is anti-American, anti-Jewish, anti-Christian, and is bad because it deepens the existing “culture clash” even more. Billy Zane who has apologized to the American press for appearing in this film – has actually one of the best performances in his career as a real meanie.
A commando of Turkish intelligence agents enter Irak to avenge a real life episode in the war where Turkish soldiers were arrested and blindfolded by American troops. A very good action film, condemned unseen by many in the west, it represents at least a change of pace by showing the Muslims as the good guys and the Americans as the bad guys. The movie is actually very strongly against terrorism but is also against the West ignorant meddling in the Middle East. Most of all, though, Valley of the Wolves is a terrific action movie.